From web servers to high-availability clusters, Linux lies at the heart of many enterprises’ infrastructure. At help4IT, our team of Linux specialists is available to provide bespoke support, deployment and project management to help you make the most of everything Open Source has to offer.

With free software, hardware and support become your only costs, rather than software licences or endless subscriptions to top-heavy services. help4IT can provide that cost-effective, hands-on support, whether you retain us on a pay-as-you-go basis for crisis cover or bring us in as an external IT department, on a business hours or 24/7 basis.

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For all your Linux Requirements


  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate licensing hassles
  • Stability
Our experts are willing and able to take on any support scenario,
whether you’re a large enterprise or a microbusiness and
regardless of whether you’re running the most popular distros in
an out-of-the-box configuration or a heavily customised software and hardware ecosystem.

Linux systems play a vital role in the hardware and network ecosystem of large businesses, providing file and directory services, web servers, intranet services, CRM systems, VoIP telephony systems for voice and video, database clusters and even secure on-premises private cloud servers.

Whatever you’re running, we can give you in-depth network and system monitoring and proactive support, ensuring that most potential problems are identified and remediated before they can cause any critical issues.

We’re also equipped to provide specialist assessment and troubleshooting, from system audits to disaster recovery, and if you require upgrades or full new system roll-outs, we can supply cradle to grave project management services. If security is a concern, we can provide full security audits, and encrypted systems should your business require them.

Our specialist system auditing services are a full physical for all your systems, with detailed reports on the status of features such as updates, backup status, security, errored system logs, hardware faults, disk space availability, system availability and resource consumption.

We’re also equipped to take on the deployment and maintenance of highly specialised systems, from high availability application clusters for Oracle databases to compute clusters for heavy engineering simulations.


Headquarters5 – 11 Lavington Street, London, SE1 ONZ
Phone0800 043 4448 and +44 207 653 9780
How to Get HereOur offices are in the Europoint building, situated on the north side of Lavington Street, which links Great Suffolk Street and Southwark Street.
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